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Dundee: Steps To Change

Transforming yourself into a man who is good with women comes in stages. The first step is acknowledging that you need to transform your current life into what you dreamed about when you were a teenager. I know I dreamt that I would have a perfect model girlfriend with women running up to me when…
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Complete State Maintenance System Part 2

Ok so I take it you guys went out and got some sweat running down your backs yeah? Because now you will hopefully be ready for the Mental Tools I am going to talk about. I can actually talk about this for hours and hours, but I will try to stick with that what matters…
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Complete State Maintenance Part 1

As I was browsing through several posts on the Forums I noticed that there are a lot of you out there struggling with “getting into state” before sarging. So I ran through the whole state pumping process that I go through myself before I go out. This is the same process that I use before…
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