Dundee: Steps To Change

Transforming yourself into a man who is good with women comes in stages.

The first step is acknowledging that you need to transform your current life into what you dreamed about when you were a teenager.

I know I dreamt that I would have a perfect model girlfriend with women running up to me when I got off a plane and into my Ferrari. My life would be simply be amazing!

What surprised me on my journey in the PUA world is I have now met many MILLIONAIRES who are unhappy. I personally believed money would give me keys to the the universe when it came to women. What I was surprised to see was men who were unhappy with their lives and had accumulated vast fortunes. When talking to them as my friend, I was surprised to find that what they lacked in life was "The women of their dreams".

Their inability to get "The Girl"

....was making them absolutely miserable.
It took me a long while to come to grips with this reality that the world was NOT only about money because I certainly believed it was.
Now don't misunderstand me. Money is important but if you neglect everything else to get it. You will find yourself in a very bad place as many of my friends have. The world isn't only about women either but I have never meet an unhappy man with a gorgeous woman on his arm that his friends are jealous of.


Where does Discovery fit into this journey. I met Discovery in Las Vegas and he imparted his knowledge of what is required to be the man who gets the girls.
I don't call him Discovery. I call him the 'black hole'.
(You take a girl who was with you next to him and she is no longer with you!)
It is purely amazing to watch, even if painful and a dent on the ego.

Back to the point I want to say, is that unless you are super amazing at change. Taking in all the information at once is simply too much for any mortal brain to process. Looking back on my journey through the world of pickup I will say this. Discovery is the Master. You don't need to go further for a trainer. Just book in! Though it is a bit like a martial arts. You don't become a black belt over night. You need to do the practice.

I would recommend the following to anyone entering the community.

1) Do a bootcamp (This will get your toes wet and open your eyes to what is truly possible)

2) Do a 1on1  (This will allow Discovery to show you your weak points) - Now this might sound bad but in fact fixing your weaknesses will get you the greatest gains.

3) Do another bootcamp (You will be amazed at how much extra you pickup the second time round)

After you have done that. You will have a skill set for life. Parties will change. You will enjoy going out. You will know that you can have a fun night wherever you go.
Friends will call you when they are going out!!



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  1. Great article Mick! Your story about how having all the money in the world won't guarantee success with women was very well taken.

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