Complete State Maintenance System Part 2

Ok so I take it you guys went out and got some sweat running down your backs yeah? Because now you will hopefully be ready for the Mental Tools I am going to talk about. I can actually talk about this for hours and hours, but I will try to stick with that what matters to the point that I am trying to make: in order to “get in to state” you will have to have ”control your mind”.


(What the hell does that mean?!)

What I mean is that you are obviously supposed to have the same mental powers as a Jedi Master…duh!

Nah, but seriously, in this case I mean that you will have to be able to create certain thoughts in your head that go with a certain state that you would like to experience ON DEMAND and create them in such a way that you will eventually start to FEEL the sensations that come with the thoughts that you are having…and so…you will get in to a certain state!

So, you want to get in to state for sarging, right? You want to be able to say “HELL YEAH!” whenever, like even when your half asleep on bed after a long day of boredom, then jump out of bed to shit, shower, shave and suit up and to get your lazy ass out there, am I right?

Now, this is exactly the point where most people just go “nah…I’m toooo tired…I’m going to stay here and not do anything”. Where as a person who can control himself and takes action on things does the exact opposite. He gets his tired ass out of bed, starts doing certain mental tricks…and gets in to state! Now, as you might notice, this asks a little extra energy from you…energy that you get when WORKING OUT! So you see that these two things kind of work together.

So, am I going to just jump out of bed and just get into state…just like that? Is it really that simple?!

Well, once you know what to do and what works it is yeah!

So I am going to share a couple very underground and secret techniques with you. These are certain techniques that the ancient Spartans used right before going to war, and also some other techniques that I have learnt from a very wise Chinese Mind Master…(That’s a guy from China who masters the mind).

Well, it sounded kinda cool right…

Anyways, “what to do”.


If you are able to come up with all these magnificent “thoughts” your physiology will start to work with you. Like, have you ever noticed how “thinking” about something funny puts a smile on your face? Or conversely, ever noticed how having a smile on your face gives you a good sensation inside?

You know what, lets do this exercise right now so that you will actually experience what I am talking about, while I am actually talking about it. And dude, seriously make an effort ok? Don’t procrastinate here…if you can’t even do this right now…how will you ever be able to do it when it really matters!?

So, if you could THINK…now… about the last time that you were with your friends and something funny happened…you laughed your asses off so hard it felt like a serious sit up exercise because your stomach muscles hurt afterwards…think about it…what happened…what made you guys laugh…who were there…can you see the people around you…can you see them laughing with you…are you able to experience that what happened again…in your thoughts…?

OK, back to “the now” what happened to you? Did you get a smile going on your face? What did you feel inside? Did you feel those funny and happy emotions just like you felt them when it actually happened the first time? How do you feel right now? Do you feel good? Happy? Do you feel positive emotions?

I bet you do!

It’s as simple as that!

Thinking a happy thought puts a smile on your face, a smile on your face gives you good feelings inside. So you would like to visualize certain things that in the end gives you exactly those feelings that suit you the best at certain times.

Another example, lets say you have a day-two with a nice looking lady, you have something intimate planned and you want to make it all “sexy”. What I suggest you do is that you then…visualize…being “that sexy guy” who is standing in front of all these beautiful women, the kind of women who are exactly your taste…just imagine how they are all checking you out…looking at you with a cheeky and sensual smile on their face…can you see them…they all want you…and they are all sensually touching each other…


And you know what?! You can even put on a song to enforce the mental projection, lets take “Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye” for the sake of this writing. But you can take any song that you like of course, any song that you associate with that specific mental state that you are trying to get into.

Now go “MENTAL” on yourself, make sure you experience it as real and powerful as possible!

What happens with your state right now? Are you not starting to feel like “Rico Suave” when you go through this? This his how it works man! Mental projections accompanied with a certain type of music…do wonders!

To give you a personal example about music, I put this CD together called “The Rick Dutch’ Sexy as Hell CD” filled with songs that remind me of times that I was “getting down on it” with a lovely lady and other songs that get me into this perfect state for having a day 2 with a girl, and my day-two’s are sexy as hell, believe me!
So while driving over to pick her up, I have this CD playing all these sexy songs, already getting me into a certain state…it works perfectly!
Even afterwards, when talking to the girl at her place or in a restaurant, she might be telling me something about how she loves window-shopping and in my mind I am going:

“Freak me baby…let me lick you up and down…until you say stop! Let me play with you’re body baby make you real hot!” well you get the point.

Anyways, visualize certain states, visualize about times you were in certain states, visualize you being surrounded by a harem of the most beautiful girls in the world, visualize exactly that what is needed to get in to a certain state that works for you in a certain situation!

Now I know that not everyone can just as easily “visualize” as other people, and so I have another thing that might help you with visualizing.

Vision Board/Vision Movie

Some people just really need to see the actual projected pictures, if you are such a person or would just like to use every tool you can to get yourself up there, I strongly suggest you make a “Vision Board” or a “Vision Movie”.
And this is really simple, it sounds very magical but it really isn’t, its just something to help you actually “see” the pictures and to really get in to it.

Basically what you do is take a large, flat piece of cardboard. Then you either print out pictures or cut certain pictures out of magazines that have to do with a certain particular state or mindset that you would like to get in to, and then you stick them on that piece of cardboard until its all filled up with pictures that will help you get into a certain mindset or state.

And there you have it…your Vision Board!

Now all you have to do with this, to get in to state…is LOOK at it…by looking at these pictures you will “visualize” and start to feel a certain drive, certain emotions will pop up inside of you and so this might well help you get in to state.

You could also make a Vision Movie if you have the software to do so.

You can make a movie filled with certain pictures that will get you in to a certain state AND you can even add music to it, music that represents a certain state for you.
Fill it with pictures of you and your friends having fun, pictures of you with ladies, pictures of girls that get you all heated up, anything that you can think of! So then you could watch that movie while getting ready to go out and have fun for an example, accompanied by the music…and voila! A recipe for getting in to state successfully!

So this was my little talk about visualizations, I hope it has inspired you to take action on things…and you know what, if you made your vision board or vision movie, send me a picture of it, or send me a link if you have put it on line, I would love to check it out and see what you made of it! And hey, maybe it will even inspire me!

And dude, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will try my best to get back at you! Have fun with it man, because that’s what it’s all about!

And make sure you seriously do these exercises yeah? Because next time in the third part, I will take you to explore 2 other ways for you to shoot up there but it takes your dedication and effort. It takes a certain understanding of things before I can take you to the next level. Its like you cant learn how to successfully F Close a girl if your not even ready to do an approach, if you get my point.

Next time I will be talking about “Affirmations/Incantations” and “How to control your thoughts” so that you will be on top of your game…anywhere…and at all times!

Take care,

Rick Dutch.


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