Complete State Maintenance Part 1

As I was browsing through several posts on the Forums I noticed that there are a lot of you out there struggling with “getting into state” before sarging. So I ran through the whole state pumping process that I go through myself before I go out. This is the same process that I use before to go and spread my passionate love for women in the field, go to have sex, go to Thai Boxing practice, basically anything that requires a certain state, and I thought I would share it with you guys, for shits and giggles, for ideas and inspiration, for realizations and those incredible “A-HA!” moments.

Some of these things might seem really logical and are easy to process through our male brain, where others just seem “over the top” and…incredibly ridiculous…and well…as I see it…that’s the whole point!

To get into the right state to go out and practice pickup, you would want to have an incredible vibe going on, right? You want to feel amazing; physically fit, like you are the man, strong, handsome and you want to feel an overdose of happy emotions! Now, don’t let the word “overdose” fool you, I’m not suggesting that you take a large amount of drugs, but I am suggesting you create your own physiological drugs.

There are several ways you could force your brain and your body to feel great, and I’m going to run through every one of them that I know of and that I myself use to “get in to state” at all times, even when I am sick (shit happens) or when I am in the middle of a harrowing period of my life. (We all have them!)

Now I am not only going to talk about “how to get in state right before sarging” but I am going to discuss a complete “State Maintenance System” here that you could use to get into certain different states at different times when needed.

Personally I have certain mindsets or states for every certain situation in my life. When I go to Muay Thai Boxing I have a different mindset and a different state as when I have a day-two with a beautiful lady for an example. When I go out to a club I have a different mindset going on and a different state as when I am Coaching a client. So as you can see and probably agree with me, we have to jump in to certain state with every single situation that goes on in our lives.

And if you can control your mindsets, you will be able to control the physiology in your body that comes with a certain mindset and you will be able to “BE IN STATE” at all times, no matter what the occasion is! (I say “At all times” but it might be a bit too much to actually accomplish 100% of the time but I trust you to understand what I mean).

So over the next few articles I will be discussing the following things that in my opinion are very important to accomplish exactly what I said earlier: to always “BE” in state.

Physical Fitness:
- The importance of working out, feeling fit and how this will give you that extra edge over people who only focus on the mental aspect of “getting in to state”.
- Body movements. physically pumping around energy through your body to get that “HELL YEAH” feeling.

Mental Tools:
- Visualization.
- Incantations/Affirmations.
- Music. (Yep, even music will help you in this process!)
- Controlling your own thought processes.

Physical Fitness

So, physical fitness?! “What does that have to do with my state when I am going sarging?!” you might think. Well, in my opinion…A LOT!

Taking in account that you either study or work and do other things besides that during the day, I’m sure you agree with me that sometimes you just kinda feel tired, right? Your body feels empty and dry as if all the energy has flowed out of your body, you can’t think straight and you just don’t want to do anything else besides lying on the couch watching TV. However, you have agreed to meet up with a couple buddies of yours in 2 hours time to go out and practice your Game…now what?! Are you going to “play dead” and leave the phone ringing when you’re friends try to find out where the hell you are, only to regret the day after, that you let your friends down and didn’t take this opportunity to practice and experience an amazing adventure maybe? (Does this sound familiar?)

Or are you going to jump up, run through a certain state pumping process, Shit…Shower…Shave and In Barney Stinson Voice “SUIT UP!” to go and meet your friends and have a fantastic night out? (This probably sounds more appealing huh?)

In order to accomplish this, it will help you incredibly if you would have some extra energy reserves stored inside your body that you could harvest at certain moments. And to accomplish this, you might want to work on your physical health. And I am not talking about putting your fitness gear on and going to the gym just to sit at the bar and have a drink for an hour only to return to your place one hour later telling people that you “went to the gym”.

I mean seriously working out!

Work out as if your life depends on it, and make sure you lose all those lazy sweat drops that have nested inside your lazy skin! Lazy people (and people with no or low energy levels) are not or less capable of getting into state, because it takes a certain “mindset” to get into state…the same kind of mindset that a person has who, when he gets home after a long boring day at work, JUMPS out of his lazy chair to run over to the gym and start a massive workout! And worse still…lazy or people with low energy levels have no extra energy left inside that they can actually use to “get up and do something”.

Maybe you know a person who is exactly like that, he sits around all day, not doing much, not feeling he wants to get up…not even to take a piss…and when you just as much as look at him…you feel your own energy level just sink down your to shoes…now these are the people who DON’T get into state! (Maybe this is you?)

And maybe you know the other side as well, the guy who you can always call, even when it’s late at night and a working day tomorrow, and ask him to go out with you and he just says “Well, I’m in bed right now, but Yeah! Sure, give me 5 minutes to get ready and ill meet you…wherever”. These kind of people actually have that extra energy that they can call upon, to jump up and tell themselves “its going to be a fantastic night out!” and to meet up with you, feeling incredible.

Now think about it, which are the ones that work out, and which are the ones that don’t?

Are you getting my point?

Now drop down and give me 350 push-ups! You lazy bastard! lol

Well, actually, I do mean it!

Maybe, if you are a person who actually does go to work out at times, you might recognize the following:

Right before you go to do your work out, you’re tired, you don’t feel like getting up, you have no energy, you feel like acting out the life of a vineyard snail… But…you do get off of your lazy ass…you go and do your work out…and afterwards…you feel GREAT!

You’re happy that you actually went and got up, you have new energy and feel fit…you could go out all night after a great workout!

Recognize this? Isn’t it cool, that 1st you feel like a snail, and afterwards you feel like you could hunt down a lion with your bare hands?!

So what else can you do with this information “to get in to state”. (Besides seriously considering to go and start working out on a regular basis)

Well, if you’re at home, feeling lazy, but want to head out and meet some pretty ladies…go and do some physical exercises! Do a couple series of push-ups, a couple series of squats and a couple (thousand) of sit-ups and you will be ready to go! By moving around and doing these exercises, the blood will pump through your body harder, you will actually wake up, you will feel heated with new energy and you will be ready to go out afterwards!

You could also choose to dance around even…throw your arms in the air and shake your money maker like you just don’t care!

Seriously get yourself warmed up, literally!

Start moving and dancing, do whatever you can to get your body in to an ACTIVE…STATE.

Staying in bed, trying to “mentally” get in to state…well…it probably wont help you a whole lot if you are already struggling with it right now. Well, don’t get me wrong, it does work…I mean I do it that way as well…but I do have the mental strength and I do have the extra energy, because I work out and I have experience with getting in to certain states, but putting in the extra physical effort will help you accomplish it way faster, try it and experience it for yourself! And dude, it takes only up to 10 or 15 minutes to get all warmed up ok.

- Push Up’s
- Sit Up’s
- Pull Up’s
- Dancing
- Shadow Boxing
- Stretching
- Jumping up and down like a retard

These are all things you could do to get yourself going, and for now I will leave it at this, I think you get the point and that have enough to think about for now. Next time I will continue with my own personal story and talk about all the Mental Tools that you will be able to use to “get into state”.

But first, make sure that you actually have the energy to use those tools ok! So make yourself proud (and more attractive for the ladies) and start working out! And if you would like to do yourself a personal favor, make a “Before, During & After” picture.

by Rick Dutch

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