Opener Not Hooking? Try Rooting

Ever notice that sometimes your openers won’t hook?

You were positive that you checked everything off the list:

+ Open over the shoulder
+ False time constraint
+ Body Rocking
+ Proper body language
+ Not conveying too much interest
+ Solid delivery
+ Appropriate energy level

..but the opener STILL doesn’t hook!

It could be because your opener doesn’t have a root.
A root is anything that gives your opener situational relevance.

Here are some examples how you might root some classic openers: “My friend over there [point to your wing] just broke up with his girlfriend because she told lots of little lies, and we were just having a little discussion about who lies more…anyway, maybe you can help us figure it out. Who lies more…men or women?” [Who lies more opener]


“My friend over there just had his girlfriend move in…[Point to somebody who is NOT your don't want to blow our your wing] but he’s still friends with his college girlfriend too…and his new girlfriend hates that. So we were all trying to give him advice about this situation. Tell me, do you think it’s okay to be friends with your ex?" [Jealous girlfriend opener].

Do you notice how we are tying the story back to someone in the venue at the present time? This is the root.
Experiment with different ways to root your openers. It may take some practice, but over time you’ll hook with even more consistency.

Sarge on Fellows

Mickey Angel

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