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the phase beyond the Game

Mastering the Art of Meeting Women: Scheduling Your Priorities

In the quest for love and meaningful connections, Men often find themselves grappling with the challenge of meeting new women. Stephen Covey's insightful quote, "The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities," holds valuable wisdom that can revolutionize your approach. By understanding the essence of this quote, you…
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Inside The Friendzone with Rick Dutch

The Friend Zone can be a fantastic, warm and loving place from where you may have sex with her… AND her friends! Bonjour! This is Rick Dutch and NO…bonjour is not a Dutch word…it's actually Swedish. :o Anyways, one of the things you keep hearing in the world of dating and pickup is: “don’t go in…
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Reality Check – Should you Buy Her a Drink?

1. Men prefer women who are less dominant than them. 2. Men prefer women who EARN LESS than them (affects the ego) 3. Men prefer women who are YOUNGER than them 4. Men like to play the Protector and Provider role. - (the latter Evolutionary Hard Wired into us, so as to ensure when she…
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Scarey Road

I was with a woman for 8 years. It was one of those relationships that was comfortable but as she applied increasing pressure to get married. I could feel my walls caving in. The world was shrinking. I knew it wasn’t the right place for me.  She was lovely, kind to others and would have…
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