Monthly Archives: January 2020


Desire 🗝by Aglena3SR  Are you familiar with the feeling of having no control of your thoughts and body when you’re around HER? When it seems like everything she does, says, touches, holds is sexy? Her skin becomes a magnet; you can feel the energy radiating from her movements; you get goosebumps from being close to…
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Discovery’s Top Travel Tips

John asked for Travel Tips coming to a 3SR BootcampAs I've flown over 100 international flights, thought I'd share 10 tips for aspiring Social Artist studying Attraction. 1. Get to the Airport when the ticket says - even if 2-3 hours early(so many things can go wrong) 2. put your Passport in your BAG NOW!!!!!…
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Low-hanging Fruit

If you are a functional adult you probably eat fruits. You go to the supermarket, into the “healthy” section with the intention to choose the fruit which is ripe, fresh, the right shape and size, tastes great and is GOOD for you. by @Aglena3sr You'll then reach and grab a few pieces of that fruit,…
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