Monthly Archives: November 2013

1 Hour to Greatness – The Power Hour

How you start your day and the first hour you wake and what you do in it, will set the scene for your whole day’s effectiveness – hence referred to as the power hour – I was inspired originally on this by Anthony Robbins and have expanded on it since then with my life coach…
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The Facebook Openers

by Discovery. This opener (1 of 3 to do with Facebook) actually was field tested in Starbucks, West Hollywood when I was out visiting Mystery and the gang. Now guys if like me you are from the Uk and not used to seeing super hot women, man this starbucks had more hotties than I see in…
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The ‘3 Second Rule’ for Life

The “Three Second Rule” Apply it always and anywhere, it will make your life easier, merrier and much more interesting! Hello there my friend, it’s The Dutch himself, coming straight at you from the lands of nether! So, about the name of our new company website…3 Second Rule…(I hope you like it! :-)  the other…
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