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The Social Circle Of Success

If you are the solo pick up artist, crawling from bar to bar with your black nail polish, goggles and a tophat and THAT works for you, so be it. Mystery is the godfather of game, it's HIS persona and he works it. Being a wannabe is the kindergarten level of game (Just to clear…
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Social Artist Challenge #1: “Become a SophistiCAT”

NO... the Master Challenge is NOT an ego trip, but for those who already have good PUA skills and aimed atĀ improving your Social Artistry, beyond Pickup Artistry. Become a SophistiCAT Check your local magazines for list of events over next few weeks. (e.g. launch night of new bar) Make contact with the venue and let…
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The 3 Second Rule Evolution

        The Game was the book which changed how people saw attraction between males and females, the world was introduced to the term Pickup Artist. Underground seduction lairs where brought to the light and the book quickly became a bible for every AFC living in his parents basement wishing to have the…
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