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Women LOVE Sex too!

We don't have to talk a woman into having sex. Women love sex too, they actually WANT sex as much as men. Only problem is they deal with cultural stuff surrounding sex. More than us. You know, being seen as a "slut." For us, someone calls us that, it's almost a compliment. Why the double-standard?…
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25 Steps From Meet To Sex

Based on Mystery’s TV show “The Pickup Artist” here are 25 steps to take from before the approach to sex. This is the genius of Mystery and his “Mystery Method.” And it’s highly effective. Especially on the most beautiful women, like this one (yes, even if it's Adrianna Lima). PRE-GAME 1. Avatar: Grooming: showering, smelling good,…
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The Five Principles to Give Any Woman Pleasure

I learned these five principles from a woman named Mirabelle Summers. She said... even though every woman is different there are five principles to give any woman pleasure.... 1. Your attention goes on HER, not on you Avoid goals like “I need to make her orgasm” or “I need to last all night.” There, attention’s…
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