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Why you should smile more !

Hey guys, it’s your Dutch friend here, Rick! And today I would like to share something with you which is stupidly simple, but incredibly important. It's something that everybody seems to talk about, everyone wants to do it...but nobody actually does?! I am talking about…SMILING! It is one of the FIRST things you learn when…
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Discovery – the Uncensored Truth!

Now you may wonder that since this in essence is a review of my very own residential with Master PUA Discovery, why then did I choose to name it Discovery - the Uncensored Truth? The reason is that I will be dropping some truth bombs on you, about me, about the industry of pick up…
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Body Language In A Bar

Body language is a really important aspect of social dynamics. You can have a lot of fun with your sets just by observing other people’s body language inside the venue and talking about what you’re seeing. It’s especially fun if there is a guy and a girl and the guy is in the process of…
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