How To Play The Game

Game is: balancing interest and disinterest.

What's the constant throughout the three phases of Game, attraction, comfort, and seduction? What unifies them as one "Game"? What is Game anyway?

If we guys can understand what Game is, we'll be able to play it like a master. We'll be able to attract the women we want and keep them attracted. Here's what Game is: Game has to do with the interplay between interest and disinterest.

  • It’s about giving and taking away.
  • Taking a step forward and taking a step back.
  • You’re interested but not quite.
  • I like you, but you can’t have me…yet
  • Push the boundary and back off.
  • Show warmth and freeze out
  • Yes, no.

When we push her away it creates an empty space between us and her that draws her toward us, like a magnet. The more you say no to a woman, the more she'll want in. We pursue that which retreats from us, after all.

But if you push her away too much, you'll push her away all together. That's why you also need to show you're interested in her as well.

That’s Game. To draw near and to retreat, over and over again.

  • It begins in A-1 (approach) the SECOND we approach. Approaching is interest. Within two sentences lean back, begin to walk away, tease/neg. Disinterest.
  • Continues through A-2 (attract her). Telling stories is interest. So, during a story, neg: “Ew, I don’t want her”—playfully of course. Disinterest. This is to make you different from all the other suitors who are buying her drinks and complimenting her looks.
  • Continues through A-3 (qualification). Asking questions is interest. A QUALIFYING question, like “What have you got going for you besides your looks?” is disinterest.
  • Compliments must have spice, too. Ever noticed how we feel more comfortable with compliments when there's a playful spice mixed in with it? “Oh my God, you’re a ballerina? (props) I can’t even talk to you (push away)!” Interest and disinterest.
  • Happens in kino escalation. Touch her hand, but throw it away. Smell her, but tell her “I’m not in that mind space.” Kiss her, and say “that’s enough.”
  • Happens in comfort. Building a connection is interest. Sprinkle in play-fighting. Disinterest.
  • Happens in sex. Smell her neck, interest. Don’t touch her, disinterest. Kiss her, interest. Back off, disinterest. Kiss around her clitoris, interest. Don’t lick her clitoris yet, disinterest. Put your tip in, interest. Don’t go all the way in, even if she begs. Disinterest.
  • Happens in relationship maintenance. Appreciate your woman, interest. Play-fight with her, disinterest. It must never stop. Show interest and disinterest even when you’re married with kids. Push away, pull in. Pull in, push away. That’s Game. It keeps the spark alive in a relationship.

Game is the middle way between Mr. Nice Guy and The Player. Game says “I want you,” but it doesn’t put her on a pedestal. Game says “You’re cool,” but it shows you’re fine with or without her.

You're not excessively Mr. Nice Guy, a kiss-ass. But you're a gentleman and treat her with kindness. You're not deficient in being Mr. Nice Guy, a prick. But you can put your foot down and be respectfully assertive when need be. There's a BALANCE of interest and disinterest. Game is a Golden Mean.

All great art, music, painting, or poetry unify opposites into a whole. Game is no different.

Why play Game at all?

Game lets us interact with a woman as a human being. It allows us to reach her spirit. It bypasses the social masks we put up to the world, covering our true selves. How? Because it makes her laugh. It touches her heart. It creates rapport. It builds sexual tension, inviting her to come to us.

Game lets the road to sex to become a process, not a destination.

Game lets us communicate in a woman's language of emotion and indirectness rather than ours of factual directness.

Game lets us to speak to the woman inside a woman, whether she’s a college student or a tenured professor.

In the end, probably the biggest reason why it's so effective is because there’s nothing serious or personal about Game. It’s just play. It’s fun. It’s a game.

When you play the game right, the ego's gone. And that's pure bliss.

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