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Reality Check – Should you Buy Her a Drink?

1. Men prefer women who are less dominant than them. 2. Men prefer women who EARN LESS than them (affects the ego) 3. Men prefer women who are YOUNGER than them 4. Men like to play the Protector and Provider role. - (the latter Evolutionary Hard Wired into us, so as to ensure when she…
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25 Steps From Meet To Sex

Based on Mystery’s TV show “The Pickup Artist” here are 25 steps to take from before the approach to sex. This is the genius of Mystery and his “Mystery Method.” And it’s highly effective. Especially on the most beautiful women, like this one (yes, even if it's Adrianna Lima). PRE-GAME 1. Avatar: Grooming: showering, smelling good,…
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Inside the ‘Friend Zone’

The 'friendzone' can be a fantastic, warm and loving place from where you may have sex with her…AND her friends! [moderator warning: strong adult language] Bonjour! This is Rick Dutch and NO…bonjour is not a Dutch word…its actually Swedish. :o Anyways, one of the things you keep hearing in the world of dating and pickup…
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