Monthly Archives: May 2014

Discovery – the Uncensored Truth!

Now you may wonder that since this in essence is a review of my very own residential with Master PUA Discovery, why then did I choose to name it Discovery - the Uncensored Truth? The reason is that I will be dropping some truth bombs on you, about me, about the industry of pick up…
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What Is She Really Saying? – #shit test

“I think that anything that you do, any accomplishment that you make, you have to work for..." What Is She Really Saying? So what is up with women? When they say something, should we take them literally? When interacting with women, and especially when meeting a woman for the first time, most men are not…
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Complete State Maintenance System Part 2

Ok so I take it you guys went out and got some sweat running down your backs yeah? Because now you will hopefully be ready for the Mental Tools I am going to talk about. I can actually talk about this for hours and hours, but I will try to stick with that what matters…
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