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A Guy Asked: ♐️🚺💟🚻 HOW CAN I STOP THE INITIAL CONVERSATION FADING OUT? Some guys spend a LOT of time Socializing, so they already have lots of tried and tested things to say.But for many - The 'Conversation' [cCcc] guys try to CREATE on the spot, making them look reactive and 80%+ of the time,…
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Discovery’s Top Travel Tips

John asked for Travel Tips coming to a 3SR BootcampAs I've flown over 100 international flights, thought I'd share 10 tips for aspiring Social Artist studying Attraction. 1. Get to the Airport when the ticket says - even if 2-3 hours early(so many things can go wrong) 2. put your Passport in your BAG NOW!!!!!…
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10 Tips to: Have a great weekend Gentlemen!

1. Get out of the House 2. Don't go out to 'See how it goes' - go out to improve your skills (plan the work, work the plan) 3. where your best..... SMILE! 4. Be INTO YOUR SET more than you are others around you - - Your Wingmen are the most important set in…
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