“Luck exerts a dramatic influence over our lives. A few seconds of bad fortune can unravel years of striving, while a moment of good luck can lead to success and happiness. Luck has the power to transform the improbable into possible; to make the differences between life and death, reward and ruin, happiness and despair. “
So here is the question for you:

Are you lucky?

Luck is a mind-set that anyone can achieve. All it takes is one lucky opportunity in life and you can shift from a job promotion or a career change in your life to finding your perfect love partner. It has the power to transform both our personal and professional lives by playing a significant part in many aspects of our life. People can be frightened of this, as the majority of humans like to think they are in control of their future. They will try hard to obtain certain outcomes and avoid other but this feeling of control is an illusion. Luck can make a mockery of even our best intentions, it has the power to change anything with in seconds to better or worse, anytime any place or with out warning.

Is it possible to enhance your own luck?
“Fortune is all down to the way we think and behave”
After a vast and long amount of research psychologists discovered that;

there are 4 principles to luck,

These are broken down into 12 sub-principles, if you can understand the 4 principles and the 12 sub principles, you will understand luck itself.
These principles can all be measured and tested via certain psychology exercises, the four principles to luck are:
• Maximise your chance and opportunities in life
• Listen to your intuition and gut feeling when making decisions
• Always expect good fortune.
• Turn your bad luck into good luck via changing your mind-set.
Maximise your chance and opportunities in life
• Build and maintain a strong network of luck via socialising.
• Have a relax attitude towards life.
• Be open to new experiences in your life.
Listen to your intuition and gut feeling when making decisions
• Take steps to boost your intuition.
• Pay attention to your gut feeling and hunches.
Always expect good fortune.
• Always expect your good fortune to continue in the future.
• Attempt to achieve your goals even if your chances of success seem slim, and persevere in the face of failure.
• Expect your interactions with others to be lucky and successful
Turn your bad luck into good luck via changing your mind-set.
• When ever you encounter bade luck look at the positive side of your experience.
• A lucky person is convinced that any ill fortune in their life will in the long run work out for the best.
• Don’t dwell on your ill fortune.
• Take constructive steps to prevent bad luck in your future.
If you can apply these 4 principles to your life and your mind-set you will boost your luck. It’s all down to you.

Here are 5 things that you can do for bosting your luck
(via your social network)

• Phone a friend who you haven’t seen for some time and find out what is happening in their lives
• Make time to be at a party that you didn’t think you had time to go to
• Find something that really interest you and seek out others interested in the same thing.
• Say hi instead of rushing on.
• Sign up for an evening class
One chance is all you need in life to create your own luck.

Positivity is also the key to luck. If you are positive about the future specially when you experience bud luck, you can transform your dreams into reality. You need to convince yourself that your future will be bright and lucky.

The difference between lucky and unlucky people:

• Lucky people constantly encounter chance opportunities, they accidentally meet people who have a very beneficial effect on their lives and stumble across interesting opportunities whilst unlucky people rarely have those sort of experiences or meet people who have negative effects on there lives.
• A person with luck will make good decision without knowing why, they seem to know when a business decision is sound or someone should not be trusted, the decisions made by unlucky people end up with failure and despair final results.
• Lucky people have dreams, ambitions, and goals that have an uncanny knack of coming true whilst unlucky people have the opposite consequences in there life, there dreams and ambitions tend to get shattered and stay as an illusion.
• When someone with good luck experiences bad fortune they will have the ability to turn their misfortune into good luck whilst unlucky people will lack of this ability.
Luck is merely a name we give to events after they occur which we find to be fortuitous and perhaps improbable.

So how can we relate luck to love, why is it that that’s some people are lucky in love whilst other experience one broken relationship after another. Looking back at the Four Principles I described earlier, we see how luck can directly affect our love lives. Lucky people use their network of luck to meet lots of people, and the more people they meet, the grater the likelihood of them encountering their dream partner. Second, they listen to their intuition and so are better able to tell weather a potential partner is right for them. Third, lucky people have positive expectations about the future, thus will include their love life. These expectations will have the power to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Finally, the fourth principle explains how lucky are much better than most at coping with the inevitable setback and problems that will be encountered on the path to true love.
A scientific psychology study discovered that lucky people will be more attracted to a person that has roughly the same factor of luck, they will select dates that match their own psychological make-up. E.g. if a lucky person scored high in their intuition factor, the chances are that they will select a date that is also very intuitive. This would apply to all the four factors. Future work will examine a whole range of issues raised by these intriguing findings in the hope that sometime in the near future being “lucky in love” will no longer be down to simple chance.

As we are coming to the end of this article I would like you to remember one thing:

Your future isn’t set in stone. You can change it!

You can create far more lucky brakes and massively increase in how often you are in the right place at the right time, create your own destiny, when it comes to luck, it all down to you, the future is in your hands. Good luck with it.

A Challenge:

Write down a number 1-7 indicating how much luck has influenced your life thus far:
1 = not at all, 7= a grate deal
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Now underneath, jot down a few brief sentences describing….
….how you meet your partner.
….how you know your closest friend.
….the main factor that have influence your choice of career.
….a major event that had a positive effect on your life.
….how many closes did you get last time you sarged.
Next, think about how good luck has influenced these things. Think about how tiny changes – such as you not going to a certain party or reunion, turning left instead of right, or not opening a magazine at a certain page – could have effected this events and perhaps even changed the whole course of your life.
Finally, return to the question about the whole role that luck has played in your life in regards to this events at the beginning of the exercise and answer it a second time, the majority of people will find that they will write down a larger number the second time they answer the question.

I would like to thank professor Richard Wiseman, with out his research in this factor of life this article would not have been possible.

Lucky D

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