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Review: Routines and Gambits Seminar, Las Vegas, NOV 2011

by Big Pun. "Being fairly new to the community by only watching the VH1 TV show P.U.A., and reading a few articles, I was skeptical about attending this boot camp or any at all. What a life changing experience. The material I learned and the stuff I witness infield made me a believer for life.…
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Dealing with Jealousy

As males, we get jealous for good reason and although i don't have the next few hours to dwell on Evolutionary Sciences, the emotion of jealousy has been around since the dawn of time and there for good reason - to protect your partner so that you successfully pass on YOUR genes (as opposed to…
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Body Language In A Bar

Body language is a really important aspect of social dynamics. You can have a lot of fun with your sets just by observing other people’s body language inside the venue and talking about what you’re seeing. It’s especially fun if there is a guy and a girl and the guy is in the process of…
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