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Seven Secrets To Style’s Success

How did Style get so successful in the game? According to him it was these things: 1. Hang out with people better than you: He hung with Mystery. Our environment is always stronger than we are. If you hang out with a guy who’s good with women, he’ll rub off on you. You’ll SEE subtle lessons…
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Fashion Police Naughties!

The character and persona behind the clothing totally impact whether or not you can ‘drop’ a look. Fashion is an Art form and Andy Warhol said “Art, is what you can get away with!” Some typical Fashion Police Naughties: 1. No white socks with anything other than sports clothing. 2. If you must wear sunglasses as…
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You Are The Brand

A client ‘JP’ once came to me with a style dilemma. “I work in an environment surrounded by much younger and fashionable men; there seems to be an unsaid enforced dress-code which pigeonholes me into looking like a school teacher. I want an outfit which doesn’t alienate me at work and allows a cool night…
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