Training Calendar

Welcome to our 2019  Training & Events Calendar.
You can view all events and book directly from here.

ANY programs you want to attend email:
USA/AUS/CA - iZak (USA Program Manager)
UK/Europe/Asia - Sebastian Gold (EU Program Manager)
to arrange a callback from one of our Coaching Team - they'll discuss your 'Game' level and recommend the best program for your level.

Please note the different types of Bootcamps and Social Skills/PUA Training Programs;
Impact Bootcamp (standard 2 days, Now with 3rd Day 90 Day Game Planning),
Premier FAST TRACK, (a 4-day total Immersion program, for those wanting faster results)
Coach Development Program (6-18 month for those interested in Coaching Dating/Pickup)
For a more personalised service, consider also 1on1 training.

**Book on any Bootcamp and Bring a Friend/Wing for FREE,
and *🆕* Spread you Payment 3-6 months. Msg for Info

APRIL 2019

MIAMI, USA  |  4-Day 'PREMIER' Bootcamp  |
Apr 25-28
Las Vegas, Tickets

SYDNEY, AUS  |  4-Day 'PREMIER' Bootcamp  |
Apr 11-14

AUCKLAND, New Zealand  |  3-Day 'Impact' Bootcamp  |
Apr 19-21

BERLIN, Germany  |  'Day Game' Special
Apr 19-21
a *NEW* BC Specialfor meeting & attracting women during the day.
Email Sebastian for more info....

MAY 2019

LOS ANGELES, USA  |  Pro PUA Coach Development Prog  |
MAY 2-5
(+3x Free 4 Day Bootcamps)

Incl. initial 4 days, then 12 - 20 days (& nights) over 6-18 months
email Discovery for more info and a Coach Brief Sheet

AMSTERDAM, NL, Europe  |  'Bouncing Back' Special Bootcamp  |
May 17-19
a *NEW* BC Specialfor men wanting to start again Post-Breakup.
Las Vegas, Tickets

JULY 2019

CROATIA,  Europe  |  4 day 'VIP Executive' Bootcamp  |
July 2019
*NEW* 'TITAN SERIES' hosted by Discovery on a SUPERYACHT
Email Discovery for more info....

AUSTIN,  Texas, USA  |  3-Day 'Impact' Bootcamp  |
Jul 12-14


MOSCOW, Russia  |  4-Day 'PREMIER' Bootcamp  |
Aug 8-11
Las Vegas, Tickets

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The Small Print:

**For Full Paying Tickets only - can NOT be combined with any other Offer.

There is a significant marketing spend, work time allocation and professional people employed in the process of booking each Bootcamp/Training Place. And Once a Place is booked, it is now not sold to ensure the limited places available to ensure high-quality training, are not exceeded. If for Whatever reason a Refund is requested prior to an event, these same resources must be again employed to sell the 'Seat' further. This last-minute marketing will likely have both higher end resource allocation AND discounted places - all at a loss to the team and company. This is reflected in the % scalable table below.
1. Within 30 days of Purchase AND Not less than 3 months from the event:
=100% refund
2. Less than 90 days to go = 75% refund
3. Less than 60 days to go = 50% refund
4. Less than 30 days to go = 25% refund
5. Less than 10 days to go = NO Refund
There MAY be an opportunity to transfer the deposit to a future training program within a 6 month period.