We headed to a more upper class club. It was here that Discovery showed me how the lessons we had been learning not only apply to pickup, but life as a whole. We rock up at a place called "The Ivy" at around 1am. This place is hard to get into around this time, We rock up and just stroll through the front door after Discovery said a few words to the bouncer, we rolled in with 6 guys, Zero girls. I have never seen that happen, EVER. Not only that, we walk straight into the VIP entrance (Ivy pool bar)

Discovery opened a 3 set and within 10 minutes was having a 3 way make-out with them. (I still don't know how he did that) But wow !!! It was amazing to watch. Not only that but there were at least 4 girls constantly hovering around him, giving him proximity invitations. He is truly a master when it comes to preselection and social proofing a club.

To me this was an eye-opening few days and Discovery was truly an amazing, unique individual who has clearly paid his dues in regards to hours of practice. I would recommend anyone who wants to train with any other instructor out there from another company, to cancel as quick as you can and differ to Discovery, I had a great time and hope to see some of the team out here on the sunny shores of Sydney again.


Tribal, Sydney, Australia Bootcamp with Discovery