Terms & Conditions


General Terms:

  1. OFFERS/Special Offers/Discounts: can Not be combined with another offer.
  2. Discounts Valid only at time of Booking: Once a Program, Service, or Bootcamp is booked, it can Not be combined with any other Offers/Special Offers/Discounts whether present, past or future.
  3. No Recording: To protect the PRIVACY of both Teachers and Students, Recording at Events is Strictly Prohibited! Should anyone be found to be recording during the Bootcamp/Training Weekend, either Teachers or Students, they accept a Media charge of $10,000 payable to 3 Second Rule Training Ltd on demand.

There is significant marketing spend, work time allocation and professional people employed in the process of booking each Bootcamp/Training Place.

Once a Place is booked, it is now not sold to ensure the limited places are not exceeded, ensuring consistency in the high-quality training.

If for whatever reason a Refund is requested prior to an event, these same resources must be again employed to sell the 'Seat' further. This last-minute marketing & Advertising will likely have both higher-end Cost and resource allocation AND discounted places - all at a loss to the team and company.

This is reflected in the Refund % scale table below.

*1. Within 30 days of Purchase AND Not less than 3 months from the event:=100% refund
*2. Less than 90 days to go = 75% refund
*3. Less than 60 days to go = 50% refund
*4. Less than 30 days to go = 25% refund
*5. Less than 10 days to go = NO Refund

At the discretion of the company and with Written Notice - you may transfer your booking to a 'like for like' within a 1 year period.

At the discretion of the company and with Written Notice - you may also transfer your booking to another person who can attend in your place.
(you will still be liable for the program cost).

Deposits paid to Secure a place are 'non-refundable' as they lock the place out from being sold to others. 

On formal written/emailed requests, there MAY be an opportunity to transfer the deposit to a future training program within a 6 month period.

5. Payment Plans:

Payment Plans are entered into in good faith and are legally binding.
Once a Customer has booked a Training/Program/Bootcamp/1on1 it is deemed to be a formal 'Contractual Agreement'.

It is the Customers responsibility to keep up with his/her payments and failure to do so may affect the ability to obtain credit in the future.

If multiple payments are defaulted on, the 'Contractual Agreement may be passed on to a 'finance collection' company. Any such costs incurred in obtaining monies due will be at the cost of the customer.