Senior Coach

⚜Sebastian Gold⚜ is to be the first Scandinavian 3SR Pro Coach.

He has personally been mentored by the sovereigns of the Pickup and Dating business such as Discovery, Mystery and many more, and they have all spent one on one time with him around the world.

He is the newest product of Discovery's “SophistiCAT” system and is able to take your skills and style or the lack there off to new heights - He will make you GOLDEN! People notice it; “Look at the guy she is with. He’s golden.!”
Sebastian Gold is a no bullshit guy and will be very honest with you “You can have everything you want if you are willing to give up everything you have” - Mr. Gold.

Sebastian started from nothing, as an average frustrated chump, living on the countryside in little Denmark, he left everything behind him and started working on a skill-set for life and now he is ready to give back!

- His biggest asset and purpose is getting people over the goal line!

Respectfully yours, Sebastian Gold 🍀