Master Coach & Global Coaching Director.

U.K - Hollywood, L.A - Riga - Las Vegas - Miami - Sydney, Aus.

An International Business Trainer, Professional Dating Coach and Social Arts Expert.
Star of the Amazon Prime Show #AttractAnyWomanAnywhere, Shaun Michael (Discovery) is a Master Instructor, who for the past 15 years has trained and worked with the best Pickup Artists, Seduction Specialists and Social Dynamic Artists in the world, while himself teaching 40+ Dating Coaches.

From Regular Guy, who was never a club lover and fed up waiting for the right person and someone special to come into his life, he attended his first Bootcamp in Chicago in 2007, without a single Opener to his name. Shaun Michael (Discovery) is now globally recognized as one of the best Attraction & Dating Coaches on the Planet for transforming Men's Lives and Choice with Women. And... he's an even more Inspiring Speaker and Master Instructor. Shaun is 3SR's Global Coaching Director responsible for the training of all new 3SR Coaches.

I took my first Bootcamp with Discovery and he is, without doubt, one of the best in the world” - Arash Dibizar, GSLR17

The Clients

Discovery attracts an array of clients, with the majority from a professional/ executive background (as can be seen on the upcoming TV show) who simply want to add a solid PUA and SOCIAL skill set to their existing successes, but don't want to spend years practicing to get good. The list includes; Finance Directors/IT Consultants/Doctors/a Neuro Surgeon/Army Officers/Multi Millionaires/Students/Footballers/Police Chief/Property Developers/ and the list goes on into the 1000s!

Student REVIEWS of Discovery

Personal Skill

Shaun gave up a UK business to move to Hollywood, Los Angeles and train with the best in the world, having James Matador as a Mentor to hone is 'Infield' skills, Lovedrop (Chris Odom, author of Revelation and 'the Pickup Artist'), to perfect advanced Conversational and Social Art Skills and Erik von Markovik, (Mystery himself) to perfect the fine art of Delivery and Social Captivation.

In Dec 2009, during the Miami Bootcamp, Mystery stopped the seminar mid flow after recalling the events of the previous night. More specifically after having witnessed another full display of Discovery from start to finish taking Game to another level. Mystery gave his own personal Master Pickup Medallion as worn on the hit VH1 TV show, The Pickup Artist, during which Mystery remarked - "Discovery is one of the highest and most consistent closers infield I have ever seen, a true Master Pickup Artist."

By his own admissions Discovery is all about infield experimentation as opposed to ‘bedroom theory’. Unlike most Trainers in the community with a single high prized success to their name, Discovery has proved himself time and time again with not just ‘one-night-lays’ but the most beautiful girlfriends including Exotic Dancers, Fashion Model, Professional Athletes, TV show host, Glamour Models and now his present GirlFriend, a successful Actress.

You need to have seen, to appreciate his own personal transformation, amazing!” - Mystery,

Areas of Specialty in 'the Game':

  • Delivery Training - having impact on what you say
  • Fashion and Styling - creating powerful first impressions
  • Psychology & Cold Reading - stimulate and amaze
  • Personality Profiling - women are all different - adapt & connect
  • Social Circle Mastery - learn little effort for Huge results!
  • Day Game - Open, Stimulate, Captivate, Attract in 3-5 mins.
  • Rapid Sexual Escalation - How not to fall into the 'Friend Zone'
  • Routine & Stack Creation - Taking the Pain out of the Game.


what Discovery offers:

During Bootcamps Discovery shares his personal secrets to:
Speed up your own Game and Social skills progression, saving months and even years in the learning process to becoming a skilled Pickup and Social Artist.

Discovery is one of the few PUA Trainers that has managed to retain a balance in his life (possibly stemming from his background in the British Army and Life Coaching) and stands strongly by his statement -
“Pickup is a Skill-set of life – NOT life itself! – Lock it down and get on with living!”  He is, therefore, able to guide a student/client on how to blend the new pickup skill set with their everyday life.

A notable difference is Discovery’s personal style and Avatar – what can only be described as modern-day peacocking. Bootcamps students will learn quickly on how to dress for their unique size and shape. But most important, how to create their own unique timeless style as opposed to following fashion seasons.

It's all about Style!

There is a unique element of personal attention and genuine style visualization. It doesn’t surprise me why VA used Discovery as their frontman and orchestrator when it comes to getting a large entirely male group into some of the best clubs around the globe. With charm, sophistication and slick conversation, he literally melts away the typical stigma associated with door staff. They simply want him in their venue.” Daniel Jay, Fashion Creative & Writer, (incl. likes of Esquire and FACE)

A Master of Delivery groomed from Mystery himself and a disciple of Matador’s Caveman approach, make Shaun an infield animal. A Fun Playful Vibe polished from Lovedrop ensuring he is constantly the centre of attention in any bar or club. Combined with his personal background in Psychology/Personality Profiling give him Lightening fast and accurate cold reading skills and ability to adapt his approach to every group, all combined, make Discovery a delight to observe, taking Infield Gaming to a whole new and exciting level.

Anyone wanting rapid Results is in for a real surprise with Discovery!

Discovery is available for 1 on 1s  and runs a complete 6 day 1on1 “Live in RESIDENTIAL” package in England, Europe, New York, Riga, Las Vegas and Los Angeles (including; Delivery Training, Day/Social Game, Bar Game, Club Game, Fashion and Avatar creation and Life in Balance Program)

“Gentlemen…. whatever your age, size or dating skill level – there CAN still be an amazing transformation and there IS someone special out there for you too! – I look forward to working with you to achieving your FULL potential as a man and finding that special someone you deserve!
with love pride and respect"

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