"Day two is the day where I felt I got my money's worth due to the fact that Mystery, Matador, and Discovery gave the bits and pieces, applications and personal twists on how they all make it their own. These guys are VERY different in their approaches, but they still have the M3 model checklist in their minds and seem to abide by it. The best part of hearing all 3 of them, you get to separate the foundation from the frame."

VInuzzio, LA Bootcamp, March 2010,

I don't frequently keep up with the pua coaches so when i first met discovery I didn't know anything about him. Little did i know i would be praising him by the end of that weekend as someone who is legitimately great at what he does. He has a style that is unique and has influenced my game in the short period that was the bootcamp."

by Capone

"Mystery and Discovery ruled the nights and they had an answer for every question they were asked that made sense to me. This is just the beginning of a bright future and I have lots of practice to get under my belt before this really becomes natural but wow I wish I would’ve known this stuff in high school!"

by Midnight

"To me from that friday on he will be Mr. Kino he show me more in 30 sec of interaccion with my target that any video in 2 years. My respect Discovery I use yours recomendation all the time for now on. I miss your class on day game and fashon a regreat it for life (Don't miss it guy)."

by Zildjan

Capone, Midnight & Zildjan, Miami 2009, Discovery & Mystery