I didn’t know who Discovery was or how he looked like, but when he and Colgate arrived to the hotel lobby where we were supposed to meet I could tell from his wardrobe and intriguing demeanor that it was him. We went out for a Pizza and a few drinks and I saw Discovery interact with a few girls that night and I could instantly see that he is very, very good; a master at the game.

The day session was great, but the real value came from putting what we learned to practice at night. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well an infield is worth a thousand lessons. We went out to a classy rooftop bar, we were a group of guys with no girls, Discovery was super well dressed with a very intriguing wardrobe, Colgate had his designer jeans jacket on, but as for us, we were dressed less than average. I thought to myself we would be lucky if we get in, but Discovery managed to get us in without waiting in line. He exchanged a few words with the bouncer, went back and got a group of girls out of the line, waved at us, and next I know we were in.

He started talking to this big guy and showed him some pictures, and that was Discovery’s first step in ‘owning’ the whole venue. The guy had actually a big group with him with many hot girls and Discovery merged their group and befriended them; they were all laughing and having fun. From that point on the dynamic of the evening changed. Discovery became the center of the venue and the girls arriving would walk by him just to see what’s happening there. He opened almost every set that went by him and was kind of giving attention to everyone, and he kiss closed so many times. I would go next to him just because that’s where the girls were. He created such an energy that lifted us all and we were all opening and talking to people, and Colgate was relentlessly pushing us to open, following us, giving us feedback, correcting us, and he was a very good observer.

I was a Ferrari stuck in first gear before the bootcamp, and the results I got changed my life. The whole weekend is very well structured but I believe the most value is in the infield. You get the material during the day and not only you practice at night, but also you get to observe the pros demonstrating exactly how it should be applied to get results. Discovery/Colgate: thank you guys for an excellent bootcamp.

Sebastien, NYC Bootcamp: Discovery and Colgate

We headed to a more upper class club. It was here that Discovery showed me how the lessons we had been learning not only apply to pickup, but life as a whole. We rock up at a place called "The Ivy" at around 1am. This place is hard to get into around this time, We rock up and just stroll through the front door after Discovery said a few words to the bouncer, we rolled in with 6 guys, Zero girls. I have never seen that happen, EVER. Not only that, we walk straight into the VIP entrance (Ivy pool bar)

Discovery opened a 3 set and within 10 minutes was having a 3 way make-out with them. (I still don't know how he did that) But wow !!! It was amazing to watch. Not only that but there were at least 4 girls constantly hovering around him, giving him proximity invitations. He is truly a master when it comes to preselection and social proofing a club.

To me this was an eye opening few days and Discovery was truly an amazing, unique individual who has clearly paid his dues in regards to hours of practice. I would recommend anyone who wants to train with any other instructor out there from another company, to cancel as quick as you can and differ to Discovery, I had a great time and hope to see some of the team out here on the sunny shores of Sydney again.

Tribal, Sydney, Australia Bootcamp with Discovery

"When I went to the Dallas bootcamp in March with Mystery and Discovery, it was like having my eyes opened after realizing I was merely dreaming before. Don't mean to juxtapose the arts, but truly, watching two masters work their art painted a PERFECT picture for me!

Working my own, and having them, and the other instructors there to correct me was amazing! In one night, I had improved more than I could have in a month, alone"

MANimal, Dallas bootcamp 2010

As a 29 year old who has been in one long relationship and generally have really good success with women, I participated in the entire program at the London boot camp and completely agree with Milton. It was a mind-blowing, intense experience and definitely worth the investment. I can see concrete evidence it has lifted my game to a new level and I am much better equipped to continue the journey.

The combination of theory during the day and live in-field training during the night is extremely effective. There's a really low ratio of coaches to students in field (generally one coach per two students), which assures really good feedback from the coach during and after the in-field training. You can also expect the opportunity to ask anyone you want (Mystery, Discovery or any one of the really skilled coaches) any and all questions you have related to pickup during the weekend.

Atlas, London Bootcamp 2010