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Aglena’s journey began in 2015 when she moved all the way from Bulgaria to Manchester to study Business. She quickly grew her social circle of people and it wasn’t long until she started working as a VIP Hostess in the most luxurious and well-known bars and clubs in Central Manchester.

In her 4-year transition from VIP Hostess to Club Management role, she got to witness “The Game” in real life where people’s inhibitions were lowered and their perception of themselves was heightened. Opener after opener, body language, gambits, techniques, peacocking - she intuitively developed not only her own social skills, but her knowledge in terms of social interaction.

After becoming a “target” during her working hours and seeing hundreds of other women get approached and turned-off, Aglena started creating a mental list of what guys should do, and most importantly - what they shouldn’t do, on comparing this list with the 'Rules of the Game' and the 3SR Coaches, she was instantly 'hooked' on how Powerful #theGame is and that every Man, absolutely MUST have it in their lives.

Already fascinated with her studies in Evolutionary Psychology, Aglena got introduced to '3 Second Rule' and was blown away by this new “species” of men who want to better understand Women, how to Attract them and at the same time become a better version of themselves.

She began immersing herself into the #PUA, #Dating and #Seduction communities - studying the language, techniques and openers from the best sources, while simultaneously utilising her own voice and caring nature objectively to relay the information without taking sides.

Her positioning in the community also stands out with her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Studies, allowing her to have a deep understanding of the human mind and to apply this to her ongoing project of differentiating male and female sexuality.

Aglena is working alongside Master Coach Shaun Michael (Discovery) on the #ReleaseHerFreak program which focuses on the 'Art of Seduction' and will provide men with answers to some of the most asked questions. Revealing the Secrets which women almost NEVER share with their partners and will give guys the tools AND techniques to have unforgettable sex, keep a woman wanting more and make her unleash her true desires and fantasies.

a Breath of Fresh Air for the Dating and Seduction Community
- Discovery

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