Like many Renaissan initially got into the game after reading "The Game" Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss.

I love women, but was clueless with them!

"The Game taught me there was a way to attract the women I wanted. Learning this stuff became an obsession. And it changed my life" 

Renaissan is a proud 3SR coach who has learned is craft from many PUA greats, including;  Mystery, David Deida, David DeAngelo, Lance Mason, and David Shade. I’ve also learned from Neil Strauss, Brad P, Alex Allman, and Ross Jeffries.

The successes:

Renaissan has enjoyed multiple girlfriends (done honestly), threesomes, same-day lays, strippers, monogamous long-term relationships. But the best success has been becoming a better man in the process.

"Joining Mystery’s coaching staff was a turning point in my success.

To qualify as a coach, we had to log in between 500-1000 approaches. All that in-field practice changed my game. It’s what will change yours, too."

Renaissan is attracted to the following areas of the game:

  • Play-fighting
  • Rapport Building
  • Sex
  • Relationship maintenance
  • Inner-game.

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