Hazel is the youngest of the 3SR Pro Coach Team and has been coaching every week for the past 2 years. Super Motivational and really helps keeps our 3SR Bootcamps Students at ease.

Ever a renegade on the 3SR team, who breathes self-esteem into everyone he engages. Taking his clients from socially anxious, to social hero in any setting.

He specializes in teaching his clients how to cultivate the characteristics of an alpha-male, and how to stare the world dead in the eye with massive, unshakable confidence!

Hazel deeply understands exactly what it takes to hold himself as a man and become the man women need in their lives. Competence Breeds Confidence!

If you are new to the Game and really want an awesome Caring and Supportive Coach to get started - you simply do NOT get better than this.

Are you ready to evolve into a man?