Colgate is an Artist by heart and trade. at age 19 he had released is debut Rap Album and is still passionate about Music on a daily basis.
Colgate studied Psychology with Sexual Studies while attending and learning the Game, which went hand in hand. One of the early interns with Venusian Arts Colgate worked closely with Lovedrop absorbing all he could about Pickup.

Now one of only a few 'Senior' Coaches his hard work and sacrifices have paid off and one of only a few Coaches at 3 Second Rule to have benefited from the wisdom of all the greats. Mystery, Discovery, Matador, and Lovedrop.

Colgate has clocked in thousands of hours in field and has really become the product of possibility.  His ability to push you to really internalize the material and make you see the dynamics of human interactions in a way you never have, will quickly show you how skilled Colgate is. And ignore the serious photo (Ed.) he has embodied Lovedrop's playful Flame and Ghost style and applies all the richness of the Revelation Book series.

If you want to work on being a deeper and mysterious person while also being the life of the party where everyone is reacting to your value, than Colgate is the coach for you.

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