Former UK Beauty Queen, Model, Professional WingWoman, and 3SR Coach.

Charlie stubbled upon 'The Game' a little over 2 years ago after meeting Discovery in a North England celebrity Hot Spot. Charlie is also a focussed business woman who recently launched her own Model Management Agency and passionate Dance Teacher.

  • Miss Great Britain Finalist
  • Miss British Model 2011
  • Living TVs  "Dating in the Dark"
  • Channel 4  'Don't Blame Facebook'
  • London Fashion Show
  • FHM TV, ITV The Sun, BBC Radio 1

"I was just intrigued by Shaun [Discovery], as he was new to the area and showed up to my favourite club with 3 hot girls with him. He had this cocky presence about him and a fashion style that forced you to watch. And I did while he seemed to systematically move around the room warming up everyone around him. He somehow even dealt with the arrogance of some Premier Football players, which was impressive to watch and quickly they had pulled him onto their table (he later admitted he didn't like football so had no idea who they were - doh!) Eventually he came by my group and one of my girls gave him a bit of a hard time, but he seemed to turn her around and no sooner were we enjoying his glib, he had somehow got distracted by some others passing by. I later found out this was all part of the Rules of the Game. Combine his fun playful stylish demeanour with the fact he has a rule of ["not trying to bang every girl"] lol and instead build a strong social Entourage that attracts others and that 'The Game' is super fun to meet new people, it was a no brainer for me to get involved. And now that I just met Mystery (I'm scared to look into his eyes in case he mesmerises me!) am just super excited about the 3SR Team and the many great guys we can help."


  • Styling and Makeovers
  • Approaching Super HBs
  • Relationship Management

"Charlie just Got It! constantly complaining about all the 'uncomfortable' approaches' men would make to her and her model friends. She was just won over by what we do in trying to help guys both approach women they wouldn't normally and in a way that made it fun for all. And after just one night on trial as a Wing with a 1on1 student - boom!... she just had to be in the team! A natural ability to both look the part, play the role, help the student relax (while still giving them a kick up the backside to go and approach) and add to the overall relaxed fun vibe of the group. Yes, welcome Charlie!!!)