The bootcamp in London was a mind blowing and probably life changing experience for me. Nothing less. Being 33 years old, I’ve been dating women for almost 20 years. But I’ve never meet people as Mystery, Discovery and the coaches, who could walk the talk and get beautiful women interested in them on a consistent basis. They’re using methods and a way of being, that may appear illogical at first, but is the way nature selects who get’s to replicate with the most attractive women in order of survival of the species. And in top of it, they are able to teach that knowledge to others, both in theory and infield in the night clubs of London. I had the privilige of being coached by Topcat on two nights out and it was really inspiring.

Milton, London BC, Mystery and Discovery 2010

Mystery is just the coolest, most interesting guy I've ever met. You just cant get enough of listening to him. He fixed my body language, gave everyone some amazing tips, and...he REALLY cares about his students. It is totally true that he is a great teacher.
Discovery has an amazing game, his classroom and infield demos are really impressive. This guy must be one of the top PUA in the world, and he's a great teacher as well.

Zoorps, London Bootcamp, Mystery & Discovery 2010

"Discovery is a real Master PUA. With very different characters, which he illustrated us at the in-field trainings. Since, I am not a magician, and cant pretend to be one, I needed to see some "normal" life examples and Discovery is really amazing. Huge dominant guy but so playful and relaxed and guys and girls are just pulled towards him.
Man Transformation begins at the bootcamps"

HunPrince, London BC (Mystery & Discovery) May 2010

"The two day seminar portion of the bootcamp was the most surprising part of the weekend… During the individual exercises, Discovery and the coaches were going around each group making sure that we understood and achieved all the goals for the particular exercises. Truth be told, on both days, we ran almost 45 minutes to an hour over the scheduled time because all the instructors were more concerned with making sure we learned and absorbed all the lessons they gave us for that day (which was an ENORMOUS amount of knowledge, concepts and material) than being on time with a preset schedule."

Prestige, Dallas bootcamp, 2010